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Partner Toolkits

Partners and influencers play an important role in supporting our efforts to spread the message about a man’s requirement to register. 

Explore the latest resources below, and be sure to check back regularly as new materials are continuously added. Please contact to request print materials or with specific outreach material requests.

Legislator & Community Leader's Toolkit

Legislator & Community Leader's ToolkitDownload

Local Board Member's Toolkit

Local Board Member's Toolkit                Download

Immigration Attorney's Toolkit

Immigration Attorney's ToolkitDownload

NFHS Leaders Toolkit

NFHS Leaders ToolkitDownload

Teacher's Guide

Teacher's GuideDownload

Civic Organizations Toolkit

Civic Organizations ToolkitDownload

2023 Selective Service 101 Guide

2023 Selective Service 101 GuideDownload

Tribal Leaders Guide to Selective Service

Tribal Leaders Guide to Selective Service Download