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Community Leaders

Registration for Men at 18


A vital component of the Selective Service registration awareness campaign are the community leaders throughout the country. Coaches, educators, and civic organization leaders help facilitate registration awareness to young men throughout local communities, and our Agency appreciates the dedicated leadership and contribution of your efforts. As significant influencers throughout your community, we would like to elaborate on the benefits provided to young men after registration.

Benefits Include:

  • Access to many student loans, grants, scholarships, and financial aid programs.
  • Millions of Federal, civilian, and local government jobs.
  • Free Job training under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)
  • A streamlined process for citizenship.


This page is designed as a supplementary resource for educators to inform students of the Selective Service registration requirement and teach students the history and civic responsibility of the Selective Service System.

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Civic Organizations

This page supports civic organizations, including community groups, parent-teacher associations, and recreational organizations, providing outreach materials related to Selective Service registration.

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This page can be utilized among athletic directors, coaches, and administrators to help share information with players to promote registration and raise awareness of the registration requirement throughout sports organizations.

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