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Request a Status Information Letter (SIL)

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If you did not register with Selective Service and are a man aged 26 or older, you may be ineligible for certain federal or state programs and benefits, including U.S. citizenship.

  • Some agencies may ask you to provide an “official status letter,” or Status Information Letter (SIL), from the Selective Service indicating if you were or were not required to register.
  • Immigrant men 31 and older who are seeking naturalization and did not register are no longer required to provide a Status Information Letter (SIL) or documentation of their Selective Service status to USCIS.
  • If asked by USCIS for a SIL, select “Immigrant Men 31 & Older” from the menu for a letter to provide.

List of Exemption Documents

To submit the SIL by mail, instead of online, please send the completed form and copies of all required supporting documentation to:

Selective Service System
P.O. Box 94638
Palatine, IL 60094-4638

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