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Printable Forms


Use this form if you are having trouble registering online or you don’t have a social security number.

Selective Service System registration form

SSS Form 1 Registration Form

Change of Address

Use this form if you are man between 18-25 years old, living in the United States who registered with Selective Service and changed your address. To change or update other information, please call 888-655-1825.

Selective Service System change of information form

SSS Form 2: Change of Information Form

Request a Status Information Letter

Use this form if you need to request a Status Information Letter, which is a letter stating the facts surrounding your lack of Selective Service registration.  It shows whether you were required to register, or if you were exempt from the registration requirement.

A complete list of acceptable documentation for exemption may be found here: List of Acceptable Documents

Status Information Letter Request

Request Records for Men Born Before 1960

Selective Service records for men born prior to 1960 are in the possession of the National Archives & Records Administration (NARA). If records are found, the requester will receive an invoice for payment from NARA. Please note, there is never a charge from Selective Service System for Registration or Registration records for men born January 1st, 1960 and later.

NARA Records Request Form


All forms need to be printed, signed, dated, and mailed to the address provided on the form or to:

Selective Service System
P.O. Box 94739
Palatine, IL 60094-4739