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News Archive

A full archive of our news posts.

    NOSD Training Region I

    Region I staff conducted New Officer/State Director (NOSD) Training on April 15-18, 2015, at it’s Headquarters in North Chicago, IL. State Directors from Washington, DC, Maryland, Michigan, and New York and thirteen officers from Illinois, Indiana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York City, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin participated in the training. Ms. Violet Moses from National Headquarters...

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    Director Romo’s TV Interview

    NBC Station KCRA3 in Sacramento, CA Director Romo was interviewed by NBC station KCRA3, Sacramento. Mr. Romo answered questions about registration and explained that males that don’t register by age 26 may be denied many federal and state benefits including Pell grants, Stafford Loans or CalGrants for higher education.

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    Selective Service Teams with VA for Vets

    “I am proud that Selective Service and VA have joined together in advancing VA for Vets. VA’s leadership of this effort across government is making it easier for more agencies to hire veterans – this is the right thing to do. I applaud Secretary Shinseki, Assistant Secretary Farrisee, and the entire VA team for their commitment to this important effort,”...

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    Larry Stewart Appointed Georgia State Director for the Selective Service System

    Washington, DC, July 26, 2013 — Larry D. Stewart, Ph.D., was nominated by Gov. Nathan Deal and appointed by Selective Service Director Lawrence Romo to serve as the Georgia state director for the Selective Service System on July 24, 2013. As state director Stewart will provide liaison between the Selective Service System and the governor’s office. He will represent the...

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