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Selective Service Ranked First Among Small Agencies in FISMA Report to Congress

Selective Service Ranked First Among Small Agencies in FISMA Report to Congress

IT Security team Selective Service does it again, passing the Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002 (FISMA) audit. The recent FY 2015 FISMA audit determined the agency was in full compliance with FISMA requirements, with no deficiencies reported. In the Office of Management and Budget’s Annual Report to Congress, dated March 18, 2016, on the Federal Information Security Modernization Act, Selective Service ranked number one among the small federal agencies.

Addressing the entire Selective Service family, Director Lawrence Romo said, “Whole-hearted congratulations for the 98 percent compliance rating in our FY 2015 Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) inspection and being first place on the inspection of all small federal agencies. I salute your efforts and we appreciate your continued support and diligence.”

In the White House / Office of Management and Budget report to Congress, the scores indicate the effectiveness of information security policies and practices during the preceding year and summarizes the evaluations conducted by OMB Inspector General. The agency’s scored 98 percent for FY 2015, and 100 percent in FY 2014.  The new scoring methodology reflected the effectiveness oriented maturity model for ISCM [Information Security Continuous Monitoring], which contributed to the decline in scores for all agencies.