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Retired Military Officer, Cassandra A. Young, Awarded Joint Service Commendation Medal by The Selective Service System

Retired Military Officer, Cassandra A. Young, Awarded Joint Service Commendation Medal by The Selective Service System

ROSSLYN, VA: Today, retired Army National Guard Officer Cassandra A. Young, was awarded the Joint Service Commendation Medal for her meritorious service by Selective Service Chief of Staff Saif Khan. Brigadier General Robert Paoletti, Director of the Joint Staff of the California National Guard, participated in today’s ceremony at the Joint Force Headquarters in Rancho Cordova, CA.

In recognition of this honor, Mr. Khan said, “Ms. Young served our nation with honor and distinction as a commissioned officer in the California Army National Guard for 20 years. In her capacity as a Detachment Reserve Service Member for the Selective Service System, she helped build the foundation for ongoing collaboration with the State of California, our Agency, and other federal partners. She is more than deserving of the prestigious Joint Service Commendation Medal for her superior work ethic and commitment to helping us meet our mission in support of the Department of Defense.”

Brigadier General Paoletti said, “Major Young’s leadership and contributions to the California Army National Guard, the State of California, and the Selective Service System make her a worthy recipient of this award.”

“I am honored and grateful for this recognition. I accept this award on behalf of Joint Force Headquarters’ leadership and my California Army National Guard teammates. We earned this working together, meeting every challenge and opportunity the same as the last, with a high-level of commitment and the fortitude to come up with creative solutions to address the matter at hand. Working with the Selective Service System on maintaining readiness while in active standby status is important to our larger mission to defend the homeland. It was an honor to have served in this capacity,” Ms. Young said.

Today, Ms. Young works for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ Veterans Benefits Administration as a Rating Veterans Service Representative. Ms. Young lives with her husband Brock in Sacramento, CA.


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