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Selective Service System Named Among Top 10 ‘Best Places to Work in the Federal Government’ in 2022

Selective Service System Named Among Top 10 ‘Best Places to Work in the Federal Government’ in 2022

The Selective Service System received a top 10 ranking as one of the ‘Best Places to Work in the Federal Government’ among small agencies. The Agency’s 2022 10th place ranking among 30 small federal agencies marks the 4th consecutive year that the Agency scored in the top 10, finishing with an overall employee satisfaction survey score of 73.2. The 2022 governmentwide average employee satisfaction score among federal agencies was 63.4 out of 100.

The employee engagement score was calculated by the Partnership for Public Service and Boston Consulting Group and was released as part of its 2022 Best Places to Work in the Federal Government report.

Selective Service Team meets at the Agency’s Data Management Center (DMC) in Illinois.Acting Director of Selective Service Joel C. Spangenberg said, “As an agency, we strive to achieve management excellence every single day and always place the well-being and needs of our people first. I am very proud of our workforce. Together, we have united in our efforts to push forward with our mission while dealing with lingering workplace challenges manifested by the COVID-19 pandemic. This positive workplace survey ranking is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and adaptability of our employees in achieving success as a team no matter the obstacles.”

The 2022 survey results ranked the Selective Service System second among small federal agencies in the category of ‘effective senior leadership,’ which focused on leaders’ ability to foster a positive work culture where all employees are treated with dignity and respect and provided with the tools needed to contribute to the Agency’s mission.

The Agency finished in the top three for its policies and practices promoting work-life balance for employees as it fully transitioned the workforce to a blend of in-office and telework schedules. Finally, the Selective Service System finished third in the category for ‘diversity,’ primarily for its transformation of personnel management policies and practices, fostering diversity through employee recruitment, promotion, and development opportunities across the Agency.

The survey collectively included 74 federal agencies and 432 of their subcomponents. This governmentwide analysis measures employee ratings of their respective agency. The workforce survey categories include effective leadership, teamwork, diversity, work-life balance, employee recognition, and more.


Federal law requires all male citizens, as well as male non-citizens residing in the U.S., to register with Selective Service System within 30 days of their 18th birthday. At 26, a man becomes too old to register. Those who do not comply are ineligible for numerous benefits, including state-level student financial aid, federal job training and employment, and U.S. citizenship for male immigrants.
The Selective Service System seeks volunteers to serve on its Local Boards and as State Resource Volunteers. Interested citizen-volunteers can apply at