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RSM Attends YouthBuild Memphis

RSM Attends YouthBuild Memphis


Major Isaac Wright, USAFR Commander AR 2-3 presented at the YouthBuild Memphis Outreach Meeting on July 10, 2020 in Memphis, TN on behalf of Selective Service.  YouthBuild Memphis is a 501(c)(3) organization with multiple years of experience helping young people rebuild their lives. Their program provides an opportunity to earn a high school diploma or high school equivalent while learning vital job skills and providing valuable community services. YouthBuild helps low-income students become educated, productive adults in their communities. There are two hundred twenty-six YouthBuild programs nationally.

Maj Wright discussed the importance of Selective Service’s federal registration requirement. He explained the many federal and state benefits linked to registration and spoke about how not registering can have a negative impact on a young man’s future. Everyone was very interested in learning about Selective Service and several of the young men registered with Selective Service during the session!

Maj Wright

*Edited on Nov 3, 2020: Reserve Force Officers (RFOs) are now referred to as Reserve Service Members (RSMs).