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Selective Service Co-Chairs Public Service Recognition Week

Selective Service Co-Chairs Public Service Recognition Week

Selective Service is honored to be a co-chair of this year’s Public Service Recognition Week 2021. Join us in celebrating the work of the valued civil servants who dedicate themselves to our country’s progress—from working in local communities to running state and federal programs to exploring our planets.

These steadfast public servants are the researchers, scientists and legislators we trust to innovate amid the distress of a pandemic and an economic crisis. They are the protectors we trust to defend our shores, our borders and our computer networks. They are the teachers we trust to educate our children, over screens or in classrooms. They are the law enforcement officers we count on to safeguard us. They are the leaders we trust to preserve our nation’s rich and complicated history and protect our natural wonders.

And they are the front-line workers we trust to deliver vaccines—and hope. Public servants proved essential this year, protecting our communities, taking care of our neighbors, and inspiring us as we made our way in this changed world.

Government workers do all these things and more, dedicating themselves to serving the public, often without recognition for their efforts. Please join us in celebrating them the week of May 2-8, to express our deep gratitude for their service.

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