Proof of Registration

Confirmation Stamp

Your Registration Acknowledgment Card is Proof of Your Registration with the Selective Service System.

Every man who is registered with the Selective Service System will receive a registration acknowledgement letter with a registration card in the mail from Selective Service. This is proof of your registration.

Men are required to confirm that all the information is correct and updated up until January 1 of the year he turns 26 years old.

The top portion of this registration acknowledgement letter is the change of information form. You can use this form to update and make corrections to your personal information.

NOTE: These registration cards are only printed once, at the time of initial registration. Thereafter, a registration card replacement is in the form of a letter confirming your registration with Selective Service.

Registration Acknowledgment Letter with Card

A registration acknowledgment letter containing your Selective Service registration card will arrive in the mail about 30 to 90 days after you mail in your registration form. If you have successfully registered online from our website at, your registration acknowledgment letter and card will be sent to you within two weeks.

Keep your registration acknowledgment card in your permanent files for future reference as proof of registration.

What if You Don't Receive a Registration Acknowledgment in the Mail?

If you do not receive a registration acknowledgment letter and card within 90 days of registering, or if you require a replacement card, please call Selective Service at 1-847-688-6888. Your call will be answered by an automated voice processing system. Listen carefully to the directions, and select the option for receiving your own Selective Service number.

How to Get a Letter of Verification ONLINE:

When you successfully enter your information using the online "VERIFY NOW" and if all your information entered matches the information on file, the results will indicate you are registered with the Selective Service System. 

Official Letter of Verification: At this point of the online verification step, you have the option to print an official letter of verification from Selective Service.

How to Get a Replacement Card:

Your Selective Service registration card is printed only once at the time of your initial registration, after that the replacement card is in the form of a letter confirming your registration with Selective Service. Call Selective Service at 1-847-688-6888, for assistance.

To Update or Correct Your Personal Information:

To update or correct your personal information, see our webpage on CHANGE OF INFORMATION.

If you move, let us know!

After you register, you are required to notify Selective Service within ten days of any changes to any of the information you provided on your registration card, like a change of address. You must report address changes until January 1 of the year you turn 26. You may do this by using the online "Submit Address Change" form below. Or, you can complete a change of address form (SSS Form 2) available at the post office, or call 1-847-688-6888.

Submit Address Change