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Men living in the U.S., citizen and non-citizens alike, are required by law to register with Selective Service at 18 years old.

Men who register with Selective Service remain eligible for federal student financial aid, state-funded student financial aid, federal employment, state employment, job training under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, security clearances, and U.S. citizenship for immigrant men. For more information, see Why Register. Selective Service accepts early registrations as young as 17 years and 3 months.

The Selective Service System has not now, or in the past, collected or shared any information which would indicate a man's immigration status, either documented or undocumented.

Online registration

To register on this site, you’ll need a valid social security number. 

Mail-In registration

If you don’t know your social security number or don’t have one, print the Form 1, complete, and mail it to the address on the form.

Warning about Submitting False or Improper Information

Intentional submission of false information using this Federal Government Internet website or purposefully submitting a registration for a man without his knowledge and consent is illegal. Persons found guilty of knowingly submitting fraudulent registration information may be prosecuted and, upon conviction, may be subject to a fine of not more than $250,000 and/or imprisonment not to exceed 5 years.

Register Online

Register Online

Register here if you’re a man 18 – 25 years old with a social security number. Selective Service accepts early registrations as young as 17 years and 3 months.


Fillable Form

Fillable Registration Form

Print, complete and mail the Form 1 to register if you do not have a social security number.

Mail it to:

      Selective Service System
      P.O. Box 94739
      Palatine, IL 60094-4739

After Registering

Within 30 days of registering, you will receive in the mail a(n):

  • Acknowledgment letter
  • Change of information form
  • Selective Service Registration Acknowledgment Card

Proof of Registration

You are officially registered once you have been assigned a Selective Service registration number. The Selective Service Registration Acknowledgment Card is your proof of registration. Keep this important document in your permanent files for future reference.

Change of Information

If any of the information on your Selective Service Registration Acknowledgment Card is incorrect, it is important that you correct it and mail the change of information form back to Selective Service.

What if you don’t receive anything in the mail after registering?

If you do not receive a registration acknowledgement letter within 30 days, it is your responsibility to contact us at:
      847.688.6888 (Spanish)

Verify Registration

To verify your Selective Service registration, you’ll need to input your social security number.

Privacy Act Statement: This is a secure site. The information you provide on this form is protected as it travels to Selective Service over the internet.