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A "cookie" is a small piece of data that a web site can place on your computer’s hard drive or in your computer’s memory.

Cookies that are placed on a hard drive are used in a number of different applications such as targeted marketing and site personalization. These are sometimes called "persistent" cookies. An example of persistent cookies and targeted marketing is if you click on certain advertisements on a web site, a cookie will record those ads and the web site will select certain ads to include or exclude the next time you visit that site. An example of persistent cookies and site personalization is that on some sites, you can choose which features in a web site you would like to visit and this preference is contained in a cookie so that other features are excluded from being viewed at a future time. Our web site does not write persistent cookies to your hard drive.

Cookies that are placed in your computer’s memory are used to store information and to retrieve that information while your computer’s browser is still active during an internet browsing session. These cookies are sometimes called “session variables”. An example of a session variable is in online ordering when a web site may track how much merchandise the shopper has purchased or how much money is owed. This summary information is placed in a cookie in you computer’s memory and used by the web site. The cookie will remain in memory until your browser is closed. Our web site and, in particular, the registration function uses the session variable type of cookie

On our home page at there are two buttons that when clicked will enable a browser to start the registration process or to check a registration. These pictures are labeled "Register On-line Now" and "To Check A Registration". There is also a link to "Report Your Change of Address On-line". You are required to enter data into pages when registering, checking a registration or reporting a change of address. These data are stored in session variable cookies. These data are also passed to our central computer where programs are executed and results passed back to your computer. The data from this pass-back and the data from the session variable cookies are placed into pages that are displayed on your computer and inform you of the results of your attempt to register, check a registration or report a change of address. Data from these session variable cookies are not stored on your hard drive, are not given to a third party, and are not accessible by another web site. The data are stored in your computer’s memory until you exit your browser, then the data is destroyed.


 Last Updated: 6/18/2014
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