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Q: What are the requirements to be appointed as a Selective Service Registrar?
A: To qualify for appointment as a Selective Service Registrar, volunteers must be at least 18 years of age, be citizens of the United States, and must be registered with Selective Service, if required to do so. The Registrar may be a guidance counselor, teacher, or member of the school’s administrative staff.

Q: Where can I get an application for an Uncompensated Registrar Appointment?
A: You may complete the High School Registrar on-line application or if you have not received an application form in the Teacher’s Kit packet sent to your school, you may request an Uncompensated Registrar Appointment Form (SSS Form 402) by contacting Selective Service at:

Selective Service System Registrar Program
P.O. Box 94737 Palatine, IL 60094-4737
Phone: Toll-Free 1-(888) 655-1825 (press “00” for an operator).

Q: What do I have to do as a Selective Service Registrar and is there any training available?

A: After completing the Uncompensated Selective Service Registrar Appointment Form (SSS Form 402 –HS7) and receiving the basic registration supplies, the Registrar’s duties are minimal and as easy as facilitating on-line registration ( by male students on school computers connected to the Internet; or, making registration forms available to students, and sending completed registration forms to Selective Service in the preaddressed, pre-paid envelopes we provide. There is no record keeping involved. The registration verification notice and other information will be mailed directly to the student’s home address. At a SSS Registrar can obtain electronic versions of the “Information for Registrars” handbook. This handbook includes detailed information for administering the program. It also lists pertinent Selective Service telephone numbers and addresses if a Registrar requires assistance.


Q: What registration supplies are provided to the Registrars?

A: Upon appointment, Registrars will receive the following items: (1) Selective Service Registration Forms (SSS Form 1), (2) postage-paid envelopes for returning completed registration forms to Selective Service, (3) available on-line at the “Information for Registrars” handbook and at the “Selective Service and You – Time to Register” registration information brochure, (4) a display poster, and  (5) a supply order form for requesting additional supplies.

Q: Most of the students get a “reminder registration card” in the mail, why do they need Registrars?
A: Not all young men receive reminder registration cards in the mail. Also, even those who receive a card in the mail often procrastinate completing their registration. Timely registration reduces the delay and disqualification many students could experience if their registration obligation were not fulfilled at the time they turn 18 years of age. Therefore, it is important that all young men are made aware of the requirement to register, and register on time.

Q: The Federal Student Financial Aid form has a block for the student to register. Should they check the box even though the SSS Registrar at school just sent in the student’s registration form a couple of weeks ago?
A: It is not necessary. But if they do, the information will be used to update an existing registration record, if necessary.

Q: Does a student’s disability preclude the requirement to register?
A: Men with disabilities that would disqualify them from military service still must register with Selective Service. Selective Service does not presently have authority to classify men, so even men with obvious handicaps must register now. Classifications would only be established if a draft were reinstated.

Q: Will a registrant be drafted?
A: Even though a young man registers, he will not automatically be inducted into the military. In a crisis requiring a draft, men would be called in a sequence determined by random lottery number and year of birth. Then, they would be examined for mental, physical, and moral fitness by the military before being inducted, deferred, or exempted.

Q:Why don’t women have to register?
A: When President Carter resumed registration in 1980, he asked Congress to change the law and include women. However, Congress did not act on his request. For women to be included in the registration requirement, Congress would have to change the wording of the law.


Last Updated February 15, 2011
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