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Selective Service Registrar Program


Selective Service registrars are unpaid volunteers appointed by the agency to inform young men to fulfill their civic responsibility and be eligible to apply for student loans and grants, job training, and federal employment. Registrars encourage men to register online,, or provide Selective Service registration forms for those choosing to register on site.


To be a registrar, you must be: 


        - At least 18 years old,

        - U.S. citizen, and

        - Registered with Selective Service, if required 


Registrar appointments are for an indefinite period until termination or separation. All prospective Selective Service registrars must complete and return a signed “Uncompensated Registrar Appointment,” SSS Form 402, to Selective Service consenting to all the terms stated on the form. Note, prospective registrars agree to a “waiver of pay” before assuming duties upon completion of appointment form. Once appointed as a Selective Service registrar, materials will be sent to the registrar’s mailing address.



To apply to be a Selective Service registrar, click on one of these selections:


High School  Requires Adobe Acrobat (PDF)

A guidance counselor, teacher, administrative staff member as a Selective Service registrar educates male students about the federal requirement to register with Selective Service and provides a convenient location and means to register at their school.

Q & As About the High School Registrar Program


Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Requires Adobe Acrobat (PDF)

The purpose of the Act is to consolidate, coordinate, and improve employment, training, literacy, and vocational rehabilitation programs in the United States.


National Farmworker Jobs Program Requires Adobe Acrobat (PDF)

The National Farmworker Jobs Program provides job training and employment assistance for migrant and seasonal farmworkers. Under WIA, the Program counters the impact of the chronic unemployment and underemployment among migrant and seasonal farmworkers who primarily depend on agricultural jobs.


Federal Bureau of Prisons Requires Adobe Acrobat (PDF)

Federal Bureau of Prisons and the Selective Service System stipulate that a warden at each institution shall nominate at least two employees as a primary and alternate Selective Service registrar to help eligible men register with Selective Service.


State Corrections Institutions Program Requires Adobe Acrobat (PDF)

The State Corrections Institutions Program mirrors the federal program above at the state level.


For more information about this program, contact Gaston Naranjo, Selective Service System Registrar Program, at


Last Updated July 29, 2014
2014 Selective Service System