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Planning, Analysis & Evaluation

Embracing Effective Change

The Selective Service System continues to seek ways to work more efficiently at less cost to the taxpayer. Rigid, bureaucratic organizations cannot deliver what today's society demands: speed, personal service, and convenience. The Agency is working to realize the President's vision, articulated in the National Performance Review, to create a government that works better and costs less, and is focused on customer service and program streamlining.

The SSS has made many improvements with these specific results.

• The budget remained constant from FY 1995 to FY 1996.

• Authorized civilian Full-Time Equivalent positions decreased.

• The Selective Service System's Strategic Plan FY 1996 - 2002 is in place, although not required until 1997.

• The Agency continues to work with the Office of Management and Budget on executing the Government Performance and Results Act of 1993 that stresses customer service and greater efficiencies.

• Expanded use of technology allowed increased accuracy, better feedback and program review.

• Within current resources, the "Service to America" program was initiated with the cooperation of two other Federal agencies.


Last Updated April 30, 2002
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