Board Member Outreach Toolkit

Over 11,000 board member volunteers across the country are the backbone of the Selective Service System, and the agency could not fulfill its mission without you and your dedication and service as a board member.

We want to stress that from an agency perspective, the fact that you have agreed to serve in this critical capacity is more than enough. However, we have heard from many board members that serving gives them an opportunity to educate their communities about the requirement to register with Selective Service and the importance of registration in the lives of young men.

Familiar with your unique communities and the people who live in them, you bring an abundance of experiences to the table. Board members are well-situated to reach out through various channels to help Selective Service achieve two parts of its critical mission:

  • Recruit the next generation of Selective Service board members to ensure continuity of mission and excellence of service.
  • Make sure that important information about Selective Service registration is shared far and wide with young men and their influencers.

We have established this online toolkit as an optional opportunity for anyone who wishes to help recruit new board members, or reach out to organizations that serve young men. In addition, we are always looking for materials that we can add to improve this site. If you have ideas for content that you would find useful, please contact the Public and Intergovernmental Affairs Department at 703.605.4100, or e-mail

Board Member Recruitment Tools

In this section, you will find tools that can help you recruit new board bembers.

Recruitment Letter to the Editor

Placing a letter to the editor in your local newspaper can be an effective way to reach your local population. Most newspapers have clear guidelines about writing and placing letters, which you should follow closely when you submit yours. For a sample, fill-in-the-blank letter in Microsoft Word format, click here.

Recruitment "Pitch Letter"

Local civic, leadership, veterans and professional development organizations -- including ones you may already belong to -- are good places to talk about the importance and personal reward of serving as a volunteer board member. We have developed this draft letter to help open the door to an informational meeting. Click here.

Recruiting PowerPoint

This brief PowerPoint slide show can be used as a foundation for your presentation to a community organization. Feel free to add your own personal story or materials. Click here.

Board Member Video

Another potentially powerful information and recruiting tool is a video produced by the Selective Service System which includes an overview from the Director, background on board member roles and responsibilities, and stories from board members themselves explaining how they became involved and what service means to them. There are three versions of this video of varying length. Click here.

Recruitment Social Media

Social media can be an effective way to reach out to your peers to share why you became a board member and to begin a dialogue on the importance of service. We have made suggestions for times and language to use for talking about board member service on your personal Facebook and Twitter accounts. Please feel free to edit and add your own content as you see fit. Click here.

More Board Member Resources ...

Additional resources for potential board members, including a fact sheet, eligibility requirements, and an application form, can be found on the Selective Service website. Click here.

Registration Compliance Outreach Tools

In this section, you can find tools that can help you reach out to organizations that serve young men with messages about the importance of registration.

Outreach "Pitch Letter"

In our experience, one of the most challenging aspects of reaching out to organizations that influence young men is getting in the door. Many groups are unaware of the severe negative consequences associated with non-compliance, and fewer still are aware that failing to register before turning 26 years old can leave a man permanently barred from important opportunities. The attached "pitch letter" uses language we have found effective in the past, and can be tailored to meet your specific needs. There are several versions, each targeting a different type of organization. Click here.

Presentation for Organizational Meeting

Once you have secured your meeting, it is important to go in with the right information. Over several years of outreach meetings, we have tailored the following presentations to answer the most frequently asked questions and present information that connects with your audience. Please note that you can edit these to your particular circumstances.

Outreach Social Media

Social media is a great way to let your community know about the requirement to register. We have made suggestions for good times to post and clear messages to consider when talking about Selective Service registration on your personal Facebook and Twitter accounts. Please feel free to edit and add your own content as you see fit. Click here.

Outreach Letter to the Editor

A good way to reach a large number of people in your community is through a letter to the editor. Your newspaper will have guidelines on how to submit a letter. For a sample letter that you can submit as is or tailor to your community, click here.

More Outreach Resources ...

We have other free outreach tools, including online ads, newsletter copy, multi-language information sheets. Contact the Public and Intergovernmental Affairs Department at 703.605.4100, or e-mail