Immigrants and Dual Nationals

The Selective Service System has not now, or in the past, collected or shared any information which would indicate a man's immigration status, either documented or undocumented. Selective Service has no authority to collect such information, has no use for it, and it is irrelevant to the registration requirement. Consequently, there is no immigration data to share with anyone.

Immigrant Men are Required to RegisterImmigrant Men Are Required to Register

If you are an immigrant man (documented or undocumented) living in the United States, age 18 through 25, you are required to register.

It is the law.

According to law, a man must register with Selective Service within 30 days of his 18th birthday. Selective Service will accept late registrations but not after a man has reached age 26. You may be denied benefits or a job if you have not registered.

NOTE: Registering with Selective Service is not signing up for the Armed Services. The Selective Service System is not part of the Department of Defense.

Registering Without a Social Security Number

You can register at any U.S. Post Office and do not need a social security number. When you do obtain a social security number, let Selective Service know

To correct or provide your social security number, please call Selective Service at 1-847-688-6888, between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., EST (Eastern Standard Time).

To update your personal information, see our webpage on CHANGE OF INFORMATION.

Dual Nationals

Dual nationals of the U.S. and another country are required to register, regardless of where they live, because they are U.S. nationals. See also U.S. NON-CITIZENS AND DUAL NATIONALS - LIABILITY FOR SERVICE.

Men 26 Years Old and Older 

Once a man reaches his 26th birthday, Selective Service cannot register him.

Go to our webpage for MEN 26 AND OLDER.

Immigrant Men 31 or Older 

Immigrant men who are 31 or older who are seeking naturalization and who did not register are no longer required to provide a "status information letter" or documentation of their status from Selective Service.  If asked for a status information letter, these men may print a form letter concerning their request for a letter for use with USCIS HERE.

NOTE: Non-immigrant men living in the United States on a valid visa are NOT required to register for as long as they remain on a valid visa up until their 26th birthday.

See our website for WHO MUST REGISTER.

With very few exceptions, all males between ages 18 and 25 must register with the Selective Service System (SSS) within 30 days of arriving in the United States. This includes U.S. born and naturalized citizens, parolees, undocumented immigrants, legal permanent residents, asylum seekers, refugees, and all males with visas of any kind which expired more than 30 days ago. The few individuals who are exempt from this requirement are those on current non-immigrant visas. A complete list of acceptable documentation for exemption may be found here.