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  • Do NOT refuse to accept a Registration Form from someone who may be required to register. Please refer to the “Who Must Register” chart on page 10, if you are in doubt.
  • To verify a registration, the registrant can go to the Selective Service System Web site ( and click on “To Check a Registration”.
  • If a man is uncertain about his registration status, he may call the SSS Registration Information Office at 1-888-655-1825 to check if he has been assigned a Selective Service Number (SSN). If there is no registration record for him, ask him to complete a Registration Form.
  • See page 6 for more information on registration verification and other registration procedures, or the booklet “Selective Service and You”, which is available online at

Graphic of the Selective Service and You Booklet cover
Illustration: “Selective Service & You” (Brochure 10)


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