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Registration procedures are as follows:  

  1. Ask men of registration age who do not have proof of having registered with Selective Service to complete a Registration Form (SSS Form 1) illustrated below. Young men can also register via the Internet at the Selective Service System Web site ( As appropriate, provide them with a copy of the “Selective Service and You” brochure (Illustrated on opposite page)

    Graphic of Form HS7

  2. Direct the prospective registrant to a place where he can fill out the Registration Form. Instruct him to follow the directions on the form.

  3. Review the completed Registration Form for accuracy and legibility. Ensure the form is signed and dated and that all applicable blocks are completed. If not, ask the prospective registrant to provide the missing information. If the information is illegible, ask him to fill out another form.

  4. If a man with disabilities is unable to complete a Registration Form without assistance, someone may complete it for him. The form must be signed by the individual who completed the form if the registrant is unable to sign it himself.


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Last Updated July 10, 2008
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