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Additional SSS Form 402s are available by writing to the Selective Service Address on page 1 or by calling (847) 688-6888. You may also contact this office for additional registration forms. Please include on all your communications the three-digit code identifying your program (located in the lower right-hand corner of the SSS Registration Form) so that we can identify the correct registration materials to send to you. 

If you have not been solicited to be an SSS High School Registrar but would like to be one, you can go to the SSS Web site: to initiate your enrollment into our High School Registrar Program.


Registrars are appointed for an indefinite period, or until termination or separation from the position held at the time of the appointment. The participating organization where the Registrar is appointed is responsible for informing Selective Service of a Registrar’s separation from the position from which he/she received the appointment to administer Selective Service registrations. Upon an individual’s separation from the designated Registrar position, the organization should submit a new SSS Form 402 nominating another qualified individual for Registrar appointment.

image of Selective Service Form 402
Illustration: SSS Form 402

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