25 TV Tips for the Selective Service TV Box

For those in the news media looking for more information about the Selective Service System, contact the Public and Intergovernmental Affairs Office, 703.605.4100.

25 Tips to Afford College

Produced in both English and Spanish, 25 Tips to Afford College provides viewers with easy-to-digest information about grants, loans, jobs, and public service options that will help them pay for college.

National Outreach and Public Awareness Programs

High school publicity packages, as well as public service announcements for radio, TV, and sports arenas are produced and distributed annually.

Selective Service exhibits at leading community-based and educational organizations' annual meetings.

In addition, outreach meetings are made with educators, media, immigrant services, churches, and social service organizations to help increase registration awareness in highly populated areas with low compliance ratings,

A media kit given out by the Selective Service