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Young men can now register with Selective Service using the Internet. All young men living in the U.S., with very few exceptions*, are required to register within 30 days of turning 18. Registration is Federal law. It is also required to stay eligible for many Federal and state benefits, including student financial aid, job training, and jobs in the Executive Branch of the Federal government, as well as jobs with the U.S. Postal Service.


With access to the Internet, any young man can register by clicking on the "Register Online" icon at the Selective Service web site ( He then enters in some basic information and within 30 seconds, he'll receive a Selective Service number. Within about two weeks, he will receive an acknowledgment card in the mail. 


Since SSS registration is required for many Federal and state benefits, such as student financial aid, job training, and Federal and state jobs, officials administering monies for these programs can now verify a young man's registration by simply clicking on the "Check a Registration" icon at the Agency's home page (

The Law

Registering with Selective Service is the law. Failure to register is a felony, punishable by a fine of up to $250,000 and/or five years in jail.

*All male U.S. citizens and male immigrants residing in the U.S., ages 18 through 25, are required to register. A man is exempt while serving on Active Duty in the Armed Forces or if he is a cadet at a service academy. Lawfully admitted nonimmigrants holding valid student visas or members of a diplomatic or trade mission and their families are not required to register. For more information, contact the Selective Service System.


Last Updated April 11, 2013
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