Adam J. Copp 

Interim Director of Selective Service

U.S. Selective Service System

Interim Director Adam J. CoppMr. Adam J. Copp is the Interim Director of Selective Service. He was appointed to the career Senior Executive Service in March 2016 and concurrently serves as the Associate Director for Operations and Information Technology.

The Selective Service System is a small, independent Agency of the Executive Branch organized around a National Headquarters, three Regional Headquarters, and a Data Management Center representing 124 Full Time Equivalent employees. The Agency registers 18-25 year old men into the Selective Service System, and sustains over 11,000 Presidentially-appointed local board members, appeals board members, and other uncompensated employees.

If directed by Congress and the President, Mr. Copp is responsible to mobilize and expand the Agency and ensure the Selective Service fulfills U.S. Armed Forces requirements by providing trained and untrained manpower to the Department of Defense in a national emergency. Additionally, when directed, he will implement a Program of Alternative Service for registrants classified as Conscientious Objectors.

Mr. Copp served for over thirty years in the U.S. Marine Corps, retiring as colonel in 2015.

Mr. Copp earned a Bachelor of Arts from Jacksonville University in Florida and a Master of Arts from the U.S. Naval War College in Newport, RI. He was a Marine Corps Fellow with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Seminar XXI in Washington DC.

20 January 2017

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