Older Banner Ads

Below are several banner ads that can be placed on your Website to direct men to the Selective Service registration page (LINK:

Each of these ads has been focus group tested with young men.

If you have technical questions, would like the source materials to cobrand these ads, or need any other information, please contact the Public and Intergovernmental Affairs Office at

Name Size GIF Format
Adult 728x90 Click Here
Ask Not 120x600 Click Here
Coach 300x250 Click Here
Future 160x600 Click Here
Immigrant Men 300x250 Click Here
Immigrant Men 468x60 Click Here
Immigrant Men 728x90 Click Here
It's the Law 120x600 Click Here
It's the Law 160x600 Click Here
It's the Law 300x250 Click Here
It's the Law 468x60 Click Here
It's the Law 728x90 Click Here
Rules 120x600 Click Here
Time 728x90 Click Here