Reserve Forces Officers

Closeup view of the badges of a military personnelAbout 175 (150 funded and 25  unfunded) members of the National Guard and Reserves fulfill their military training obligations with the Selective Service System. These members are from all branches of the Armed Forces and play a vital role in the Selective Service mission. Each state has a Selective Service System National Guard Detachment, with larger states having one or more Joint-Service Reserve Detachments. The Reserve Forces Officers (RFOs) assigned to the National Guard and Reserve Detachments with the Selective Service System perform 48 drills and 13 days of annual training per year. This part-time cadre of military officers is paid by the respective military service component; however the individual services are reimbursed for costs incurred, including RFO travel, benefits, and most drill pay.

Reserve Force Officer duties include:

During Peacetime –

  • Interview Selective Service board member candidates
  • Train board members
  • Ensure space, equipment, and supplies are available in the event a draft is activated
  • Participate in readiness exercises
  • Remind men to comply with the registration requirement

During a Draft –

  • Open various state and local Selective Service offices nationwide
  • Recruit and train staff to support Selective Service activities during the draft
  • Provide refresher training to board members

If you are a Guard member or Reservist, find out more about opportunities to serve as a Selective Service Reserve Forces Officer in your area by calling 703-605-4039.