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The Mission of the Selective Service is to provide manpower to the Department of Defense for military service in the event of a national emergency declared by the Congress or the President; implement an Alternative Service Program for registrants classified as conscientious objectors; and, maintain a program to conscript health care personnel when directed. The all-volunteer armed force, instituted in 1973, was never intended to stand alone in time of emergency. In the event of conflict, the armed forces will be quickly augmented by the National Guard and the Reserves. If necessary, the Selective Service System will be mobilized to direct registrants to the Military Entrance Processing Stations (MEPS) around the country.

The first step to be taken in the event of a health care (i.e. Special Skills Draft) or general conscription would be to conduct a lottery to assign random sequence numbers to determine the order in which registrants are ordered for an Armed Forces examination, and if found qualified, inducted. If a registrant believes that he qualifies for a deferment or exemption, he may file a claim with a Selective Service Area Office. Receipt of such a claim will delay the reporting date of the registrant until his claim has been adjudicated.

Figure 2 - Board Structure

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